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Home recorded in Berlin, summer of 2014.


released November 4, 2014

Linnea Mårtensson: vocals, saxophone and piano

Linus Kallin: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass

Rachel Glassberg played drums on Hundreds of Love Songs and Happy Karaoke Birthday

Cover art by Isabell Kirstinä


all rights reserved



Featherweights Berlin, Germany

Linnea Mårtensson & Linus Kallin

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Track Name: Sandwich Babies
there was a fire in the building next to mine
the day Lou Reed died
there was smoke coming out of a window
there were five fire trucks
and two police cars
and one ambulance

there was a crowd outside a building on fire
they all lived in there
and they were relieved when the fire went out
so fast it nearly ever began

and there were children among them
they looked like sandwiches
'cause it was cold and they were wearing
tons of blankets
sandwich babies

sandwich babies
sandwich babies
sandwich babies

and there were people smoking cigarettes
see an apartment on fire and light a fire on your cigarette
makes sense
I guess

I saw my dad smoke a cigarette once when I was a kid
it was so traumatic
it was a typical Swedish summer night
when mosquitos are flying wild

I said ”smoking kills, why do you smoke
I thought you didn't, dad?”
he said ”I'm just trying to scare those mosquitos away
they don't like smoke!”

maybe the parents of the sandwich babies could tell them that
the reason why their building was on fire
was to chase the mosquitos away

maybe it could be a new Santa Claus lie
to make it less traumatic
Track Name: Sad Antennas
Girl with a camera phone is filming her friend
daydreaming in the crowd
tells her to say something she says "oh, I thought you were taking a photograph" while some ultra-violet sunbeams land in their scoops of rum-raisin ice cream

either I wasn't paying attention or I wasn't there
when they decided for me
it all passed over my head and when I went to see the monument
it was already too heavy like a
weight I could not lift or see through
but it would have been nice to

pretty soon they're sad antennas
stuck in a public place
like suns that ought to go down
to make way
for everyone else

it was summertime with all that it's supposed to mean
I got a guided tour
of the student town, the church, the botanical garden and then
as we drove out to a house where Carl Von Linné used to live
for a while
all those flowers were antennas
spreading their pollen out over the fields
the raisins too, they were drowning in a pool
of what used to be ice cream
Track Name: Hundreds of Love Songs
since I met you I've been unable to write
anything but love songs

it's a pity I suppose cause variation is important, but
love is also

I read somewhere that one should sing and write about
own experiences

and if you are what I feel and think about more
than anything, do I even have choice?

feels like a cliché and I've never liked them
they are boring and dorky
but not in a good way

in a carpe diem tattoo way
in a bad eurovision song way
that kind of cliché

but love is a cliché as well
and I want it anyway

so how can I write about justice and trees
when your body is kissable
so very kissable

childhood dreams, favorite books
all of it fades away
when your mind is lovable
so very lovable

how can I ignore that you deserve hundreds of love songs?

I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna write you
hundreds of love songs

I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna write you
hundreds of love songs
Track Name: Homesick in Love
homesick in love
even when she's there it can be bittersweet
homesick and trying to reach
out of reach
in under the wallpaper and out of reach

and our apartment is marked
by a former resident, yes he or she
who carved two pairs of initials
into a model of a childhood town
handmade from memory

it covers most of the floors
so in the morning I
have to watch out where I step
I navigate carefully
and end up brushing my teeth
on a hill in between
the supermarket and the fields that reach
out of reach
in under the wallpaper
and out of reach
out of reach
out of reach
out of reach

if I were a field and saw her in the passenger seat
of a passing car
I would wave my straws
I would wave my straws
I would wave my straws
I would wave my straws

I can make a model of my own
try to show my heart in it and she can look in and see
how I screw up the proportions
build dead end streets no
I've never been all that practical but it's hard to be
when you're homesick like me
homesick in love
homesick in love
homesick in love
homesick in love
Track Name: They Are Everywhere
here's a thing that's pretty cool
I should tell people more often

me and my siblings are the tenth generation
living on the farm

Mårtensson property
since seventeenth century

usually when there are several generations living in one place
it's rich people or royal families
but my ancestors were
farmers and peasants
they were never rich
but they were as rich as they needed to be

there is a story about a grandfather's grandfather of mine
who sold a cow for too little money and hung himself
in the trees next to the barn

I used to play hide and seek there with my sister
until someone told us the story

it's fascinating to think about all
that has happened and died in that house
once my father said ”did you know,
my grandmother died in the very spot, you're sitting at now”

they are everywhere, they are everywhere
they are everywhere, the ghosts are everywhere

when I came to Berlin
I thought a lot about how many people died here
probably at least one in every square meter

cause there were wars and heart diseases
cancer, child birth, suicide
and on the ground are golden plates
with names of people who were sent to Auschwitz

they are everywhere, they are everywhere
they are everywhere, they are everywhere
they are everywhere, they are everywhere
they are everywhere

they were not my ancestors
but they were here

they were here
they were there
they were everywhere

I am here
I am there
I am everywhere

and when I'm lying under ground
I'll be everywhere
Track Name: A Bottle of Fear, A Pillow Made of Courage
there's a bottle of fear next to every kidney
including the beans
(just kidding about the beans)

sometimes it breaks and fear spreads with the blood
it can easily ruin a day

I am afraid of bees and roller coasters

I am afraid of horses
and deep water, fire, old food in the sink

sometimes I'm afraid of everything

there's a pillow made of courage in every belly
including the jelly belly
(just kidding about the jelly)

that pillow can make people do things
they never believed themselves capable of

it will make me go on a roller coaster, even though
it's the scariest thing I know
and afterwards when I throw up because I'm so dizzy
I will feel proud and disgusted and terrified in the same time

I will love you if you do
(go on a roller coaster)
and I will love you if you don't

but going to an amusement park
would be more fun if you did
Track Name: Dry Shampoo
sometimes I feel
like a dolphin who feels
like a talkshow host feels
when he's not on tv

I come up to the surface looking for applaud signs little lights in the waves on the water
and the things I do
are dry shampoo

wasting candy while waiting for a movie to start
I breath into a new sweater and it smells like a book
and the doors open up, and the people are like a stream
of shimmering dolphins
but I'm an arrow through glass

I let another caramel break on my teeth like a seashell breaks on a rock
and the things I chew
are dry shampoo
it's harder to change than you think, and when you think you do
it's dry shampoo
Track Name: Happy Karaoke Birthday
I am standing on a karaoke stage
singing Fidelity
feeling pretty good
because everyone is dancing

suddenly I see a man making gestures
when I read his lips it looks like

and he points a middle finger
up in the air

I didn't know what it meant in middle school
but everyone else seemed to know

I'm turning twenty today, so
now I know
and I wonder

am I bad, should I stop singing?
am I sad, should I get off the stage?

but this is karaoke
and everyone can sing here
even those who can't really sing
so why is he saying fuck you to me?

it takes some guts to get on this stage
I wish he would disturb
someone with better self esteem

someone who will
shake that finger off as if it were dust
I guess I will shake that finger off
as if it were dust

and I will keep singing
until the song is done
then I will come back
because the stage is mine
Track Name: The Softest Pear
I was trying to look away but couldn't see
further than here, I watched my eyelids make believe
that I could look
as far as to Gran Canaria
where I taught you the breaststroke,
stroke by stroke

you in your chloriny salty hair
you looked alright from in my Baden-Baden chair
helpless and pretty beautiful

you were the softest pear
I put you back like that in there

love's a sneaky weekend when it breaks
in through your bedroom window friday morning and it makes
you think you can go in
with your head already sparkling
my appetite was just as big
as what I thought you could give

and I've been close to a lot of people on the subway
but never as close as I was to you on that day
the first I saw of you
was your back from the seat behind
I was breathing down your neck
and you couldn't look back

helpless and pretty beautiful

you were the softest pear
I put you back like that in there
I put you back in there

the street's all emptied out and there's a summer night
going on and so it's like being inside of a private room
you can look up and see the same atlantic sky
that almost made a spanish puppy want to cry

from my Baden-Baden chair
you looked like the softest pear
Track Name: The Youth in Your Eyes (it shines through, I envy you)
oh the silence in my ice cream shop on rainy days
is killing me

oh the number of people wanting to buy ice cream
on sunny days
is killing me

oh the youth in her face
when she tried to tie her shoe laces
the sadness in her voice
when she spoke about her grandparents

the scent of her hair
she never wanted to go to bed
but when she did I held her hand
and sang a bunch of lullabies

sleep tight

oh the whiteness in my spring shoes
and the stains too
from summer last year
from the Gothenburg clubs

from the way to my job
taking care of men and women
of age

and one of them said
”the youth in your eyes
it shines through, I envy you
and don't forget to be honest
'cause honesty is super important
I see you only wear bright colours
well, I do too”
Track Name: When Linnea Met Linus
I was only seventeen when I first saw you
walking 'round the school looking cool
you were super tall sometimes I only saw your head
my favorite days were the ones when you wore that green shirt

when I saw you with a guitar case on your back
love struck
like a lightning

and we had a long distance relationship
for a year
(but I was unaware of it)

we had a long distance relationship
we lived in the same town
but not in the same state of mind

cause you didn't know who I was
you didn't know I wrote in my diary about you a lot
you didn't know I was internet stalking you
and that talking to you was on top of my list of fears

in your dreams we were kissing
in your life I was missing

and I wrote,
this love it's not valid
it's just like when we were twelve
and had pictures of Leonardo Dicaprio on the wall

and I wrote,
this love it's not valid
it's just a stupid teen crush without meaning

but I came to my senses after a long time
I thought,
I should do something drastic
and see what happens

but before I did that,
we had a long distance relationship
for a year
(but I was unaware of it)

we had a long distance relationship
in my mind
(I was unaware of it)

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